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Artistic Multi-Hyphenate +
Comedian + Writer + Director +
Certified 'IM=X Pilates' Trainer




HCKR Agency (NY)

Harden Curtis Kirsten Riley


Phone: (212) 977-8502

Agent: Matt Smith 


Agent: Liz Klausner


KMR & Associates Agency

* Voiceover Talent*

*Theatre, TV, Film*

KMR & Associates Agency (NY)

*On-Camera Commercial Talent*

Agent: Doug Keaston


     AnnEliza "Liza" Canning - Skinner is an alumni from The University of Michigan with a BFA in Musical Theatre (2017). Liza’s based in New York, but her roots are in the countryside of southern Georgia where her family currently resides. In a small town with a population under 800 people, she takes every opportunity to visit her family’s 1910 Antebellum home that sits on a 5 acre lot. Complete with a well and carriage house, surrounded by Magnolia trees and covered in fast growing pests vines. A creatively inspiring fixerupper that they, furthermore, transformed into a farm like flair with the addition of many gardens, rescuing 2 dogs, and a cat. Not to mention, Liza enthusiastically seized the responsibility and motherly role to raise tenfolds of chicks and her affectionate pet Turkey, Bobby. 


     Liza's Dharma and many artistic endeavors are greatly influenced by her non-traditional families and upbringing. For she is a Transracially Adopted Ex-Mormon Gayby. And has had the restorative and immeasurable gift of being reunited with her biological family.  As a non-conventional woman and story teller, she aspires to challenge boundaries and change world views through her artistic expressions.



University of Michigan: Class of 2017

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre

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