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Mini Series

 MJ's The Temp Receptionist

Join me on @weird.blackgirl.therapy on insta and TikTok for my improvised comedic web series!

🫠 2 episodes a week!!! Season 2 airing now!!!

*Season 2*
Continuing on from Season 1, we follow Attorney Mary Juana  (MJ), as she returns back to the old grind with her soul sucking survival job. These are stories directly inspired from my recent dynamic years spent as a black femme temp receptionist in The Big Apple. Variating between chronological episodes and comedy sketches, this season captures the many nuances that I experienced juggling my deteriorating mental health and working for corporate America. Many moments, feelings, and interactions that can’t be articulated in words alone.
Although I worked in predominately white presenting corporate spaces, I added the incorporation of a small cis black femme ensemble to add various perspectives. Characters I made that were inspired by individuals I met along the way. Yup, Eddie Murphy style ;)

Contains topics surrounding mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, sex, and tom foolery.
Shadow on Concrete Wall
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